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March 31, 2006


Philippe Borremans

Hi Jen,

Did Mr. Wildstrom also say why he doesn't want us to issue press releases by RSS ?

Jen McClure

Hi Phillippe -

Thank you for your question.

Yes, Stephen Wildstrom said that he "gets enough content via RSS and he doesn't need to receive press releases too."

(He actually also complained about the amount of email he receives. To that I say - "join the club.")

I would not let this sole comment by Mr. Wildstrom (which was not reiterated by the others on the panel) disssuade PR professionals from using RSS as a means of distributing news and updates on behalf of their organizations or clients.

RSS provides an extremely simple, valid, efficient and proper means of doing so -- and addresses the problem of email overload quite nicely.

So, if PR professionals are now being asked not to issue press releases via RSS, and have already been instructed not to send emails or call, how exactly are they supposed to alert journalists of their news?

In my opinion, journalists that have complained about receiving news via post, and then and phone and email and now RSS are not just doing their jobs. Choosing the vocation of communications professional in today's "Information Age" -- be it journalist or PR professional means being inundated with information.

As long as the news is targeted and relevant, it is the journalist's job to deal with information overload, just as it is the PR professional's job to ensure that we are using all means mecessary to communicate interesting and newsworthy information to the correct journalists and other targeted audiences.

Mr. Wildstrom's offhand comment emphasizes the fact that PR professionals need to become proficient at being content producers and transmitters in their own right, and not rely on the mainstream media to be the sole vehicle to distribute their news and information.

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